Outside the high fortress of the text, NetEnt is constantly blown by wind and sand. A huge arched door came into view of the coachman. The arched door is closed, and only when a true great scholar and wise man visits, the Castle of Wind will open the door for him. Next to the gate BGaming there is a small low gate, which is also tightly locked. There are two banana trees sports betting outside the door. Under the shadow of the banana trees, a young man is sitting on a wicker chair, holding a parchment, reading Slot Games with gusto. It seemed that the wind and sand a few steps away had nothing to do with him. Indeed, just outside the banana tree, a faint force field enveloped the entire Wind Castle. The wind and sand outside cannot blow baccarat in at all. This is the natural defense mechanism of Castle of the Wind. Without permission, no one can break into the sacred and solemn city of Mozzartbet. This is the city of scholars, except those who are willing to become scholars, those who have become apprentices since childhood, and true university scholars, no one in Roulette can enter this place. The carriage slowly stopped outside the barrier. The young man raised his head slightly, a little stunned. He shook the scroll, and saw a man younger than him get off the carriage. But this person, he knew. “Plane Destroyer, Marvin.” The young man showed a look of admiration: “I never expected to meet such 8≯ visitors on duty today!” Marvin walked over quickly and stopped in front of the barrier. He greeted the young man, who took the scroll and walked over politely. In the center of Liverpool, there is a barrier that even gods can’t break through. “Hi, Lord Marvin, I’m Sura.” The young man smiled shyly, “I don’t know what you want when you come to Wind Castle? But the rules here are very strict.”

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