Although Chen Xiang only guessed that the old lady was Kunzu’s grandmother, he believed that the possibility was extremely high. He remembered that Guan Yingying said that Guan Ying accidentally rescued Grandma Kunzu, who was still a little girl, and then raised her to become her right-hand man in the sanctuary. Those who can be favored and cultivated by Guan Ying must have something special. Grandma Kunzu has a soul endowment, even if the soul is not particularly powerful, because of the particularity of the soul endowment, she can perceive the existence of the phantom spirit. In the past, Chen Xiang didn’t know about the existence of soul endowment. It was only after meeting the Celestial Clan Mother that he knew about the soul endowment. The Celestial Clan Mother said that there are very few people with soul endowment, so she is very envious of Chen Xiang! Chen Xiang was also able to directly see the ghostly soul at the beginning, he thought it was because his soul was too powerful, but now it seems that it should be the soul endowment that allowed him to see the ghostly soul. After bringing Chen Xiang here, the phantom soul was hidden in Chen Xiang’s six chelsa mirror. He was not used to being perceived by others, which made him feel very insecure. “Yumeng, do you know this old lady?” Chen Xiang looked ahead, and asked Ke Yumeng beside the real madrid in a low voice. Ke Yumeng could also see the old woman and the woman by the river from a distance, but her attention was all on the woman. Because that beautiful and young woman looks very similar to Fu Yuya, but after a closer look at the champions league, there are many differences in live betting. “I don’t know…but the elder sister next to the old lady looks a lot like Fu Yuya.” Ke Yumeng said in a low voice, afraid of being seen. Chen Xiang thought that the old lady had already discovered them, but because this Keqing Villa often had disciples coming in, the old lady didn’t think there was anything wrong

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