Theme Mode: Restore Default Author: Silent Little Thief Update Time: 20090312:29 Chen Xiang has a forebet of Qinglong Demon Slaying Saber in his hand, and his strength is so powerful, the King of Wild Beasts should report to the champions league. But the King of Wild Beasts was very greedy and arrogant, plus he stumbled in front of Chen Xiang, so he definitely wouldn’t just let it go. He thought that his original soul would be able to bet Chen Xiang, and he could also obtain the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife, and then he would bet the game to capture the flashscore soul of the second universe life, and then find a place to hide, and come out after becoming stronger. The phantom soul, who had been with the King of Wild Beasts for a while, could very accurately guess what King of Wild Beasts was thinking. Chen Xiang returned to the Nine Heavens Dragon Gate with Leina and the Specter Soul. In the past few days, Aoshi Tiandi has been relatively calm, and all major extraterrestrial forces are more or less irritable. Especially those who eat people, they really didn’t expect that the local forces of Aoshitiandi would be so powerful that they could resist their rushing in! The Extreme Sacred Sect is currently the strongest extraterrestrial force. They dare not attack Yanhengyu baccarat in real madrid now, and it is useless for other extraterrestrial forces to go. The God-horned Beasts who took the lead have also been wiped out, and the death process was very painful, all of them died of poisoning. After the killing of the Divine Horned Beast Race, the extraterrestrial forces attached great importance to Yan Hengyu. The Temple of Heavens was already in a paralyzed state, and Lei Na couldn’t take it over, and God’s Domain had already sent people to take over it. They only knew about Lei Na’s betrayal, and they didn’t know about Chen Xiang. And Wutian Shrine learned about the situation of Zhutian Temple, although he was happy in his heart, he was still somewhat puzzled. Especially Shenhuo Dharma King and Kuang

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