The latest station name of the main text: Mubi Pavilion Chen Xiang has one goal this time, the first is the Saint of the Dharma King, and then the clone of the Divine Thunder Dharma King, Betking. The Fawang saint is the deity, and he knows the traitors lurking in Baihuatiandi and Jiuxiaotiandi. Chen Xiang’s main purpose is to find these traitors. In this way, Baihua Tiandi and Jiuxiao Tiandi don’t need the painstaking NetEnt investigation. And once the investigation is carried out, the hidden traitors will be alerted, and it will be even more difficult to find them. So Chen Xiang wanted to take down the Dharma king and saints as soon as possible. Knowing that the King of Dharma saints belonged to the poison-eating demon clan, Chen Xiang couldn’t use poison to deal with it, he needed to fight in person! “The saints are usually in the Endorphina of the All Heavens Hall, especially after Elder Bai is killed, he will become more active.” Chen Xiang wandered outside the All Heavens Hall. It is to lead out of the city. If they do something in the city, the Lord of Lightning, Betting, will also join in at that time. It’s not that Chen Xiang is afraid that he won’t be able to beat the two of them, but that after falling into that kind of slot games situation, it will be very difficult for Surebet247 to catch the king and saint. He thought for a while, and soon came up with a solution! There are quite a few patrolling guards in the All Heavens Palace, and they are all weaklings in Chen Xiang’s eyes. Chen Xiang came outside the city and used the ape demon dragon poison he extracted to poison those patrol teams of the All Heavens Temple. So it didn’t take long for the patrol team outside the city to be poisoned! You know, those patrols are all from outside the sky, and the poison that can put them down is very terrible. Now their corpses are shrouded in a poisonous mist, and no one dares to approach them at all. The news quickly spread to the Temple of All Heavens. Dharma king saints are now in charge of all

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