Text text The latest station name: Mubi Pavilion is in the baccarat’s Chen Xiang, after receiving Wang Shengzun’s request for help, he immediately told Liu Meng’er that he was going to Lingfeng City. Liu Meng’er was still busy arranging the teleportation array, she didn’t know that Lingfeng City had a powerful figure from the Extreme Sacred Sect. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t have any worries, because she was very confident in Chen Xiang’s current strength. Chen Xiang, who has dealt with Elder Ling and Ape Demon Dragon, is indeed an invincible existence in the top ten worlds. Chen Xiang soon came to Lingfeng City. Wang Shengzun Parimatch was waiting for Chen Xiang in that tower. That place was originally a forbidden place that no one else could enter, so it was the best place to meet Chen Xiang there. “Old Wang, why is your face so ugly?” When Chen Xiang saw Wang Shengzun, he felt something was wrong. “Mr. Shen, I’m a little scared of the guy sent by the Extreme Sacred Sect! I may not be able to deal with it, what should I do?” Wang Shengzun said: “If I have a conflict with him here, I’m afraid I will be exposed as a The matter of Elder Ling.” Wang Shengzun himself is very clear that this Lingfeng City is very important to Chen Xiang, if it is exposed, it will be a great loss to Chen Xiang. “That guy hasn’t come here yet, right? Are you afraid?” Chen Xiang was not afraid at all, and said easily. “Extremely Liverpool Holy Sect 22Bet is a very large sanctuary force. It can be said that it is one of the few behemoths in the entire sanctuary of La Liga. You see, the people they send here may end up with millions of people. Many.” Wang Shengzun said. “How strong is the guy they sent? Can they beat the old ape?” Chen Xiang said: “The reason why the Extreme Sacred Sect sent a strong

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