Chen Xiang now has a general understanding of the Ape Demon Dragon. Now that he knows it, it must not be difficult to deal with it. “Old Wang, how can we break through the ape demon dragon’s defense?” Chen Xiang said, “Not only is their fur very special, but their skin and flesh should also be very tough?” Effective methods to control them. I just heard that the number of ape demon dragons is very small, mainly because they reproduce very slowly.” Wang Shengzun said: “As for how to restrain them, I really don’t know.” “Their How many are there?” Chen Xiang saw that the ape demon dragon was so powerful, if there were many such things, he could walk sideways in the top ten worlds. “Betting is about a million!” Wang Shengzun said: “It sounds like 1xBet is a lot, but it is very small in the sanctuary. There are many endorphina groups in the sanctuary, and small groups generally have millions of people. There are tens of millions of large groups.” There are millions of ape dragons, if all the Premier League affiliates come to the top ten worlds, it will be very scary. “Because of Pragmatic play, the sanctuary is very large, and the ape demon dragons are scattered widely. They are usually dozens or even hundreds of them together.” Wang Shengzun said again: “If you meet a few, it means that there are at least some people behind them.” Dozens.” Chen Xiang suddenly thought of a trick, which was to find a way to catch a Spinmatic, so that he could study how to restrain them. He is the best at this kind of thing. After all, he is very familiar with all kinds of power. As long as he perceives and analyzes it with his divine sense, he can think of a way to restrain it. After all, this Aoshi Universe was created by him, and even though it is not under his control now, the law power of Aoshi Universe has always been closely connected with him. Chen Xiang communicated with sister Xiaojing again

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