Seeing Liu Menger’s reaction, Yan Zilan immediately sensed something, and said with a smile: “Sister Menger, you haven’t been in touch with affiliate Mr. Shen for long, have you? Betway concludes that he is very good?” “You don’t Do you say that he is very good? He helped us a lot in Baihualou! He gave us back such a precious Sea Consciousness Pill.” Liu Menger quickly argued. “What else did Mr. Shen give you?” Yan Zilan smiled and said, “Mr. Shen has heard of your name for a long time, and he has always wanted to meet you. I guess he must have prepared a gift for you, Paripesa!” “This …betting… There is indeed a gift!” Liu Meng’er took out Sheng Xuantie and said, “That’s it, he said he still has a lot.” “Sheng Xuantie!” Yan Zilan was also taken aback, she who often does business , naturally very clear about the preciousness of the holy black iron. She often helped Liu Menger collect the holy black iron everywhere, and over the years, she only collected a little bit. And Liu Meng’er has a big piece in her hand! “No wonder you say he is very nice!” Yan Zilan smiled and said, “This is a great gift!” “I won’t ask for him for nothing! Mr. Shen Endorphina said, if you want to help me set up formations in Starfire City, I will definitely I will do my best to help him.” Liu Menger worried that Yan Zilan would think wildly, so she quickly explained. “I’m a little worried about Starfire City!” Speaking of this matter, Yan Slot Games Zilan real madrid sighed lightly and said: “Emperor Tianyan will definitely not watch Starfire City grow, this is his territory after all.” “This damn guy, doesn’t he understand? Once the Ten Thousand Races invade the Ten Heavens and Earths, his empire will collapse in an instant.” Liu Meng’er snorted coldly. “In any case, this is his territory now, we’d better be cautious

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