There is no doubt in the text that since Betway Ma Wen has followed here, he is determined to win the live betting for the high-level blood core! But it is not easy to get this treasure from Gwen. In an instant, Ma Wen made a decision. Facing the menacing attack of chelsa by affiliate Kanos, Gervin showed super physical fitness. He simply leaned back, his body was almost parallel to the ground, and dodged. But before he reached out to fight back, the other two blood races had already attacked Betking from both sides! Their speed is comparable to that of Gwen, three against one, it is inevitable that there will be some troubles. Gwen remained calm in the face of danger, and immediately found a breakthrough. He chose a direction instead of flying at low altitude. Instead, he activated his unique skill – sprint! In an instant, his shadow opened a long phantom. The two blood races followed closely. However, at this moment, the space around the vampire woman suddenly twisted strangely! “This is…” The woman was still hesitating. Marvin’s figure had already appeared beside her! Song of the Night! The super-high stealth livescore ability directly shields the perception of vampires, and the sudden appearance of the song of the night also makes the vampire women have no chance to resist. Marvin smiled at her, and the cold barrel of the gun was already pressed against her temple! Just as she was about to struggle, a sharp pain came from her lower back! Ma Wen swept her right leg and smashed her whole body down. However, the barrel of Satan’s gun was always facing her temple. Amidst her terrified eyes, gunshots rang out! Terrible firepower accompanied by powerful silver bullets. Directly smashed half of the heads of the champions league. Rao is on

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