Fiction: ,,,,,,,,, “Sister Youyou, don’t rush this matter! How about giving me a few more days?” Chen Xiang has another way, which is to delay the time, and then take the dragon within a few days. Jiuxiao test. “I want it now!” Bai Youyou said to chelsa: “I think my soul can hold on, so let’s bet the game now!” Hua Xiangyue also understands Bai Youyou, knowing that this witch is determined to do that, so she just It takes a little to make it. “Okay, let’s start Liverpool now!” Chen Xiang could only compromise now, and said, “But I will slow down the process, and won’t use such a drastic method for baccarat.” “Okay!” Bai Youyou let go of Shen fly. “Sister Xiangyue, you have to watch from the side. I’m worried that something unexpected will happen during the process, which will cause sister Youyou to go crazy. When the time comes, you will take action to calm her down, okay?” Chen Xiang asked. “I’m afraid this won’t work… I can’t beat the crazy sister Youyou!” Hua Xiangyue was happier seeing that Chen Xiang agreed to the man city and also sports betting, and said with a smile: “Why don’t you call Ruxue? With her here Next to it, it should be even better!” “Okay!” Chen Xiang nodded and said. Hua Xiangyue immediately contacted Feng Ruxue and told her to come over quickly. Not long after, Feng Ruxue rushed to the forbidden area of ​​Xingyanmen. After arriving, Chen Xiang briefly talked about what happened. Feng Ruxue was also quite surprised, because Bai Youyou accepted this matter quickly, but she could also see from it that Bai Youyou had deep feelings for Chen Xiang. This is very likely to be the emotion deep in Bai Youyou’s soul, which is urging Bai Youyou to desire to restore her memory. Hua Xiangyue didn’t feel this way, it’s just that she was more restrained, and Parimatch and she was quite obedient to Chen Xiang. Pragmatic play “Ruxue, are you also the little villain’s woman?”

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