Wu Yujun was about to explode with anger, someone said that her appearance was only average, especially seeing that Chen Xiang was not particularly interested in her, she was a little suspicious of life. “Little brat, you don’t even have all your hair? Do you have any girlfriends? You also have many female man city friends… bragging!” Wu Yujun countered: “You are so narcissistic, you really think you are the most handsome in the world Is it?” “Of course I am not the most handsome in the world, I am the most handsome in the world!” Chen Xiang smiled and said: “Sister Wu, although you are mediocre in appearance, I, Chen Xiang, will never look down on you, and you don’t have to You can’t lift your head up in front of me!” “Don’t talk about it, our aesthetics are very different, so don’t talk about beauty or ugliness!” Wu Yujun didn’t want to be hit by Chen Xiang any longer. “Sister Wu, let’s talk about business now!” said Chen Xiang. “Yes, it’s time to talk about business!” Wu Yu flashscore Jun Parimatch nodded. “How about we talk while taking a bath?” Chen Xiang laughed. Wu Yujun finally couldn’t bear it anymore, stretched out his hand to pinch Chen Xiang’s handsome face, gritted his teeth and said: “You little cunning, you keep saying that I am average in appearance, but you always want to take a bath with me, your body is still very honest Well!” “I admit it, your Champions League figure is pretty rumble…” Chen Xiang laughed. “Hmph!” Wu Yujun was pinching and rubbing Chen Xiang’s face with both hands. She pinched Real Madrid’s face for a long time, and finally felt much more comfortable. “It took so much advantage of me, I will get it back in the future!” Chen Xiang pouted. “Get down to business!” Wu Yujun urged, “I’m in a hurry to deal with my own affairs!” “I asked the third prince to sell Qianlongzhuang to the prince. You should have guessed that I want to cheat the prince, right?”

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