Xiao Xianglin looks petite, but she is not delicate at all, with a bit of heroism between her brows, she is a very bold woman. She is wearing a plain and elegant white dress, which has a noble yet quiet beauty. The short body is not only exquisite and graceful, but also contains extremely strong power, which makes her have a faint power, which makes people dare not be underestimated. look. Hua Xiangyue and the others talked a lot. And Yan Zilan and Bai Youyou both secretly cursed Chen Xiang in their hearts. Because Chen Xiang gave the pills of the three of them three names, Xiangyue Soul Casino Slot Pill, Youyou Soul Baccarat Pill, Purple Orchid Soul Pill… Feng Ruxue covered her mouth and chuckled when she heard it. “Young Master Shen is too dishonest!” Yan Zilan snorted softly. “Chelsa… Mr. Shen told me that the alchemy he made for each of us is different, so he named each of us three “Slot Games.” Hua Xiangyue still defended Chen Xiang rumble. After all, she believed this statement a little bit before. “Ru Xue, when he gave it to you, did he name it Ru Xue Soul Pill?” Yan Zilan asked. “He gave it to me in a hurry and didn’t say much!” Feng Ruxue shook her head lightly. “Ru Xue has long known that he is a flattering little villain!” Xiao Xianglin smiled and said, “Chen Xiang is just like this, so you don’t have to take it to heart.” “Sister Xiao, how did you receive this little apprentice? He is a bit naughty, but his alchemy is really superb.” Bai Youyou asked. Yan Zilan was also very curious, because Xiao Xianglin had never mentioned it explicitly. “Sister Xiao, Mr. Shen’s alchemy was definitely not taught by you!” Yan Zilan said again: “He is your apprentice, but the knowledge he mastered by Betting seems to be far superior to that of his peers.

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