Chen Xiang used to think that the Prince of Yan was very prudent in dealing with people, but now that whenever he thinks of women, he becomes so impulsive, as if he has lost his head. The expressions of the middle-aged kings beside the prince were full of helplessness. Because there are very important things to do right now, the prince should not offend Bai Yanqing, the city lord, for this kind of thing. Chen Xiang suddenly felt that Bai Xu was quite attractive, and he could actually make these princes never forget it. The former third prince had long been affiliated with Bai Xu, and the present prince is also the same. But Bai Xu was unmoved by them. “Your Highness, Bai Xu is Bai Yanqing’s daughter. Now Bai Yanqing and Zhao Jingzhong are very close. If you get close to Bai Xu… I’m afraid it will cause Bai Yanqing’s dissatisfaction.” A man Wang whispered. “Bai Yanqing Sportybet is just a little city lord of Betting! He can become the city lord again, isn’t it also by selling his daughter? Who is he selling his daughter to? La liga, my dignified prince, getting close to his daughter, it’s too late for him to be happy! “Prince Dayan said very confidently. The young master thought so too, but the young master is dead. “It seems that Baixu has already been harmed by Zhao Jingzhong… Your Highness, you shouldn’t ask her to accompany you.” Another person, Wang, shook his head. “You Paripesa don’t understand, this is interesting! Besides, she is Zhao Jingzhong’s woman, and I can get her, which is also a blow to Zhao Jingzhong.” Prince Dayan said: “Don’t worry, I am very confident in my charm. It’s a woman, once she sees me, she will be crazy for me!” Hearing this, Chen Xiang sighed in his heart, this Prince Yan is really too narcissistic. “Baixu is at Xingyanmen, I want to contact her,

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