Chen Xiang smiled, Lin Yuya thought it was normal for him not to be able to beat those seventh levels, if she thought Chen Xiang could beat it, it meant that she was too easy to deceive. “Sister Xiaoya, do you think Sister Baixu can win this battle?” Chen Xiang asked. He didn’t know Li Tianli well, he only knew that this person could command demon spirits, and that demon spirits could still poison them. “Surebet247Li Tianli is also a disciple of the Taixian Sect. Sister Baixu told me before that the Taixian Sect was very angry when they learned that she had transferred to the Xingyan Sect. I suspect that Li Tianli will definitely give his all after waiting.” Lin Yuya said: “This is the territory of the Black Flame Gang, and Li Tianli can’t do anything bad here, so we don’t have to worry too much!” Women with high cultivation like Bai Xu are most likely to be rejected by those big sects. If someone “reserves” her, there will definitely be many people who will be eyeing her and want to use her to assist her in cultivation. In the proud world, powerful women are indeed rare. Real Madrid For example, in this competition, most of the forces sent by the world-defying world are men. The only young people present at the seventh level of la liga in the Dao Human Realm are the 1xBet from the Aoshi Temple and the Great Yandan Temple. Although they came to the scene, the focus of this competition is Bai Xu and Li Tianli. Bai Xu is a woman, and she is also very beautiful. Her father is the lord of Xinghuo City, and she has just reached the level of human king blood. In addition, she was once a disciple of the Taixian Sect, and now represents the Xingyan Sect. So her reputation is very big, and she has attracted a lot of attention in Starfire City, and many people have watched her battles. “Sister Bai Paripesa Xu, wait until the Slot Games is over and you fight with Li Tianli BGaming, be careful of his use of poison, this guy once sent someone to poison Huahua.” Chen Xiang secretly sent a voice transmission to Bai Xu with his spiritual sense

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