Even though Headmaster Xingla Liga Yan knew that Granny Qinghua was covered in poison, he still rushed over without fear, and with the long sword in his hand gleaming with cold light, he stabbed Granny Qinghua who was in a trance. Slot Games This is the Baihua Building, he must be careful when he makes a move, not to destroy this building, because Chen Xiang had told him before that he should try not to cause too much damage to the Baihua Building. Granny Qinghua was stabbed dozens of times, but she didn’t die immediately, especially her face was pierced, she still stood where she was, her vitality was still very tenacious. real madrid She became ferocious and terrifying at the moment, covered in blood, she grinned and said, “Zhao Jingzhong, are your wings stiff? Live betting dares to attack us veterans… Livescore Master Xingyan, you are finished, You have been poisoned by my strongest demon, BGaming, and no one can save you!” “Hahaha, Zhao Jingzhong, you traded the life of Master Xingyan for me, a bad old woman, you are at a big loss…Sportybet…and I won’t Die. Because I am dead, Headmaster Xingyan will also be finished.” “You kill me, you kill me!” Granny Qinghua laughed wildly at Headmaster Xingyan: “Once you kill me, your poison will be destroyed.” No one can understand, you will suffer all kinds of torture before you die, hahaha…you kill me quickly…” “As you wish!” Headmaster Xingyan’s old face was cold and calm, Nairabet swung his sword, Granny Qinghua’s head was chopped off. Her head rolled to the ground, and she stared at Headmaster Xingyan with wide eyes, unbelievable that this was true. “Die!” Headmaster Xingyan raised his flaming legs, and then stepped on the blue-and-white woman Betking’s head, a burst of flames burst out like a meteor falling to the ground. Granny Qinghua’s head was trampled to pieces, sparks shot out, and she was killed just like that. Dandian

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