What happened to the Lin family was not spread through the Champions League, and the Lin family kept this matter very strict. If it gets out and other families know that they have offended Ye Wei, they will definitely cut off contact with them immediately, which will be a huge loss to the Lin family. The juniors of the Lin family who were in the living room were confined to the Lin family villa and were not allowed to go out. Now the members of the Lin family only hope that the owner will come back quickly to deal with this matter. They are anxious all the time now, worried that the Ye family will retaliate wildly against their Lin family. Let Slot Games know that if a big force like the Ye family retaliates against them, there will be no consequences at all, and their Lin family can’t resist it. After arriving at Ye’s house, Lin Yuya went to look for Ye Huahua, while Lin Ruhu was brought in by the housekeeper. Chen Xiang went directly to the restricted area to look for Xing Yanhou. “Mr. Shen, we were going to attack Ye Qiang, but who knew that this guy was very vigilant and escaped.” Li Bo said: “We have already cleaned up and down the Ye family, and secretly eliminated all Ye Qiang’s people. Drop!” “Where did Ye Qiang go? Did he just let chelsa pass NetEnt like this?” Chen Xiang asked. Ye Qiang must be caught, because he can get more clues from Ye Qiang, and can know Betting’s hidden imperial faction in other families. The demon spirit captured by Xing Yanhou before has not yet started interrogation, and this kind of matter is also handed over to Hei Yan. After Black Inflammation is completely cured, the Premier League can begin. “Ye Qiang went to the Xingyan Sect! According to the news from the Black Flame Gang, Ye Qiang went out of the city with the members of the Xingyan Sect early in the morning, and he didn’t know where he went!” Li Bo said. Ye Wei, who was next to him, already knew that Chen Xiang had great kindness to Li Bo and Hei Yan, so he treated Chen Xiang

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