City of Hope. £∝, since the moment the dark race rushed out of the surface, the distant City of Hope also sensed something was wrong. The efficiency of the city organized by the Three Sisters is still very high. They quickly caught a hint of danger. Under the leadership of leader Rory, City of Hope quickly activated the highest level of alert. Scouts were sent out continuously, and information flowed into City of Hope one after another. On the city wall, a little girl with purple hair stared into the distance. The rocky mountain shrouded in dark clouds still had a glimmer of light. But the damage Surebet247 caused by these rays of light to the dark race is very little. Her eyes can see very far, which is her unique ability. A pitch-black blockade has been completed. It is like a black poisonous snake, entangled between the City of Hope and the outlying towns such as Xiongshi Town, killing many fleeing refugees! “The dark race… Lion Town has been breached.” She murmured in a low voice. The knight commander beside her looked serious. As the supreme leaders of the city, the three sisters have the supreme right to speak. But this power is still very stable in normal times, after all, it is backed by Jessica’s strong strength. But at this moment, even City of Hope is in chaos! The dark Mozzartbet race is coming! When the news came, people were immediately panicked. Because there is no powerful legend sitting in Bet9ja City of Hope now! Jessica, the most powerful of the three sisters, has recently been capturing a black dragon that often harassed the rocky mountain on the edge of the chaotic land. And Kate, who gradually developed Endorphina and showed stable spellcasting ability, also brought some chelsa followers. heading west

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