“Gao Yi, Gao Yi, for a guy with your personality, living to the age of eighteen is considered a long life!” The sharp-mouthed Senior Brother Wang laughed. Brother Li also had a sinister smile on his face, took out a small knife, and said, “Junior Brother Gao Yi, you are not very useful in life, but after you die, Dao Xin will help us a lot, thank you !” After Gao Yi was kicked so that the roulette flew into the big tree, he just got up and realized that he was no match at all. He secretly gritted his teeth and scolded himself for being too impulsive. And he was fortunate that Chen Xiang was not here, otherwise he would feel even more guilty if he caused Chen Xiang to suffer. Thinking of Chen Xiang, he blamed himself even more. Because Chen Xiang followed him today and taught him many principles of life, telling him not to be impulsive or anything, but to learn to endure. He listened to it, but just couldn’t do it. “You want to take my Paripesa’s Dao Heart? It seems that you are no different from the evil Endorphina monsters in the Demon Abyss!” Gao Yi has calmed down a lot, and now he has learned to calm down, but he thinks it is too late. “Parimatch, we are of course different from demon creatures! Demon creatures not only want to take your Dao Heart, but also eat your flesh and blood! We won’t eat you!” Senior Brother Wang said with a sinister smile: “Junior Brother Leap, your Dao Heart Real Madrid will help us and make us a fortune! It will help us cultivate better, and we will live well for you!” Gao Yi was even more angry, but he was extremely calm. He knew that what he wanted to do for Liverpool at this time was to destroy his Dao Heart and prevent the two beasts in front of him from succeeding. Chen Xiang had already seen the determination in Gao Yi’s eyes, and knew that Gao Yi was going to commit suicide and destroy his Dao Heart. “Big men should learn

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