Other chapters la liga catalog popular ,,,,,,,,,,, Long Yue brought Chen Xiang into the Fire Demon Valley, which made Long Yue heave a sigh of relief. () There is no defense at the mouth of the Valley of Fire Demon, and it doesn’t seem to be heavily guarded. The entire Fire Demon Valley is not very big, and can only accommodate a hundred thousand people. Long Yue said before that there are not many people in hell. “Miss Longyue, are there any alchemy masters in Hell?” After Chen Xiang entered the valley, he had to find something to do. As an alchemist, of course he wanted to find some pill shops to visit. “Yes! There are two or three in the Fire Demon Valley, but they are usually in retreat, so it is difficult to kill them! What, you want to ask them to make alchemy? If you have enough Dao-creating Saint Crystals, they will also Help you make alchemy.” Long Yue said: “But don’t pin your hopes on this, although elixir can improve people, but in the man city in the Spinmatic Prison, elixir is very precious.” Mozzartbet” I know that the environment in hell is harsh and it is difficult to grow medicinal materials, so there will definitely not be so many medicinal materials for alchemy.” Chen Xiang was quite surprised, he thought that there would be an alchemist in hell for live betting. “No, there are many strange medicinal materials in hell… You have seen hell lava before, and hell lava itself is made of energy.” Long Yue retorted: “In hell, it’s just that the energy is not released. But it will be hidden in the earth, or concentrated in a certain area, so there are many rare medicinal materials here.” “Fire Demon Valley is a small place, if you go to a big place, you Just know.” Chen Xiang felt more and more strange about hell, he thought

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