Leap has been guarding the Purple Fire God Tree Zuo Xingfeng, hating those traitors FlashScore to the bone, he began to have a deep affection for the Purple Fire God Tree, so even if he risked his life, he would go to a showdown with the Creation Beast Clan. “If Mr. Yu and the others come, can we work together to take down the Purple Fire God Tree?” Chen Xiang asked: “Now the Purple Fire God Tree should have a group of not weak Creation Beasts.” “That’s for sure There is no problem with 1xBet, as long as we can win the Purple Fire God Tree, I can use the Purple Fire God Tree as a stronghold, and at the same time announce the conspiracy of the Creator Race to everyone, which will further strengthen our strength,” Zuo Xing said the wind. “I will also make a move at that time.” Chen Xiang looked at the Purple Fire God Tree: “I’ll go and investigate the situation on it now.” “No need to go, the Purple Fire God Tree is very big, and there are many holes in it. You don’t even know where those guys are hiding.” Zuo Xingfeng said: “When Mozzartbet is ready for our side, and when Bet9ja makes a big attack, we will be able to force them all out.” “You said they will know about our Slot Action by Games?” Chen Xiang asked. “These things are only us old guys doing the Champions League, so Msports will not leak the secrets.” Zuo Xingfeng said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you can act according to the situation when the time comes.” Although Zuo Xingfeng said that there is no need to go To investigate, but Chen Xiang still went. He has a phantom, and can move quickly on the Purple Fire God Tree without being discovered. One night passed, and Chen Xiang didn’t find anything about the Beast Creation. The Purple Fire God Tree also kept this matter a secret. He guessed that the traitor in the Purple Fire God Tree would definitely hide these beasts. , live betting is only used for defense. After dawn, Xiao

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