Chen Xiang asked the three phantoms to search for poisonous insects and beasts, but they couldn’t find them all night. There were not many poisonous insects and beasts. flashscore The next morning, when Chen Xiang came out of the room, he saw Zhong Ke Yu Lirong hurried over. “This is three drops of juice from the sacred tree Betting!” Zhong Jun Betting handed Chen Xiang three light golden beads. “This is the sap of the divine tree?” Chen Xiang took it and looked at it, the sap actually condensed into beads. “You can eat it directly, of course, you are an alchemist, you should know how to use it better than us.” Zhong Jun laughed in a low voice: “Now that we have obtained the juice of the sacred tree, we can rest assured.” They were all very worried, because they worried that the giant eagle was raised by the old guy in the Golden Vulcan Tree. If that was the case, the sap from the sacred tree would definitely not be available to Endorphina. Now that they got the sap of the divine tree, they felt a lot more at ease. “Actually, those old guys are also very happy. Our team only has three members. If there are more than ten other teams, they need to provide more sacred tree sap.” Yu Lirong haha ​​Leap laughed: “So Tian Dongyu and Lu Xinyun If they don’t quit our team, they will definitely get a drop.” “Where are the poisonous insects and beasts here? Are there many?” Chen Xiang asked, he used the three phantoms of the Slot Games to search all night None were found. “Sometimes there are many, and when there is real madrid, we can’t see any of them for a long time.” Yu Lirong said: “This is something we have always found very strange.” “Poisonous insects and beasts are generally at relatively high places.” Zhong Kan Looking at the huge layers of branches and leaves above: “If we are arranged to patrol, then our main job will be to find the poisonous

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