After Shen Xiang entered the Yaoshen Mountain Villa, he went to the Yaoshen Mountain in the middle. The Spinmatic Medicine God and the Chuangbing Clan Liverpool Emperor were both inside at this time. The wounds on the Ice Emperor’s body have not healed, and it will take a while to recover. Although the Ice Clan Emperor was injured, her strength was still very strong. Chen Xiang could sense the powerful aura released by the Ice Clan Emperor’s Luck Kung Fu when he came outside the Yaoshen Mountain. Chen Xiang entered from a cave and came to the cave inside. “Senior Bing, you are recovering well, and you should be able to recover after a while!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “Do you still need Rebirth Powder?” Because many years of serious injuries have not been effectively cured, so some roots of the disease will remain, which will require a long period of recuperation.” The emperor of the Ice Clan smiled kindly. The Chuangbing Clan Emperor has asked people to use holy blood ice crystals to refine divine weapons. Once the divine weapons are refined, she can feel more at ease in the bet game. At least she doesn’t need to worry about being bullied by other Chuang Clan people. The entire ice-creating saint clan has been unified, and she, the ice-creating clan emperor, has returned, and has enough prestige to bring the divided ice-creating saint clan together. “Senior Bing, how much do you know about the Dao Creator God?” Chen Xiang felt that these patriarchs must know the Dao Creator God, already the ancestors. “It’s an old friend!” The Emperor of the Ice Clan seemed to know that the Dao Creator God Lord was dead, and she let out a long sigh: “He’s not the strongest, but he’s alchemy formation, and he’s very good at all kinds of spells.” The proficiency! Later, he took the ancestors of all races to create a new world…Nairabet just didn’t expect that all races would become so strong and ambitious, especially the Chuangshen and Chuanglei

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