In the crystal ball, Marvin’s figure fell from the world tree. ◇↓◇↓, and then there is Zhu’s beautiful face, and the sky-blue figure with nine heads covering the sky. After reading it, Marvin smiled wryly and shook his head. He finally understood why everyone thought he was dead! I didn’t expect to make such a big commotion by cutting off the rotten plateau. He knew that his legendary poker popularity soared, and he would definitely be named a hero. But I didn’t expect it to be realized in this way. He thought that the popularity was directly granted by the system! Betking, he didn’t expect that there would be a live broadcast all over Feinan! This is something he never expected even in the Champions League. Feinan’s visions seem to have something to do with the laws of the plane. As a player, Marvin hasn’t touched much on this aspect yet. So he made a mistake, he thought that what happened in his premier league in the Pragmatic play world tree space would not be seen by outsiders. As a result, such a flashscore oolong happened because the information could not be communicated in time. Everyone thought that Marvin was dead, and went to avenge Marvin with great grief and indignation, while Marvin himself was still wandering leisurely in the BetWinner space of the World Tree. Returning to NetEnt Feinan, he was not in a hurry, and raised his level first before returning to the White River Valley. In fact, if Madeline hadn’t caused this incident, he wouldn’t have known that he was already a dead person in the eyes of the world. All this stems from a clever misunderstanding. “I’m sorry to worry you. I was inside the World Tree at the time, and I couldn’t pass on the information.” Marvin coughed twice. Apologize under my breath. The place where he and Hathaway are now is not the White River Valley. but gray

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