Chapter Directory Music Category: Fantasy Magic 1xBet Author: The Little Thief will come suddenly. www.しws520.om凤\/凤\/Update quickly please search Mr. Fang grabbed the little BetWinner boy and jumped off the city wall, then threw the little boy to Chen Xiang. The parents of the little boy had already arrived, after Chen Xiang handed over the little boy to the couple, he told them to leave here quickly. “Don’t worry, you will never regret being my subordinate.” Mr. Fang smiled slightly, as if he was very proud of Surebet247, because he thought he had conquered a very good person. “I didn’t say I wanted to be your subordinate.” Chen Xiang said lightly. The people on the city wall were stunned, they dared to be so bold at this time! No one knows Mr. Fang’s strength, and Chen Xiang has personally experienced Liverpool before, and he still rejects Mr. Fang. “Are you sure?” Mr. Fang was furious, his voice was gloomy, he felt that he was being teased. “What are you? I will be your subordinate? Even if you are my subordinate, I may not necessarily like you!” Chen Xiang sneered and said, “The black phoenix that came here two days ago is better than the black phoenix. You are so good at BGaming, you were so frightened back then that you didn’t dare to come out, just a coward like you, you are not qualified to let me be your sports betting subordinate.” Chen Xiang has confidence in his own strength, so he is not afraid Mr. Fang. “Since that’s the case, I won’t give you another chance this time! You don’t have to worry about being killed by me. I will never kill a guy like you. If I let you die like this,

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