Hearing what Chu Jinfeng said, Chen Xiang felt more relieved, he was consuming a lot of Dao-creating Saint Crystals now, if he didn’t have enough Dao-creating Saint Crystals, it would affect his progress. “Chen Xiang, you are also BetWinner from our Taiyuan Pill League, this is for you.” Chu Jinfeng handed Chen Xiang two crystal plates: “Inside are two more useful Aoshi Pill Patterns, you take them back Study hard, bet game might be of great help to you.” Chu Jinfeng also knew that Chen Xiang had mastered a very unique World-Proud Pill Pattern, he knew it when he saw the Legendary God Pill and the Shenfeng God Pill, he was very Certainly, the reason why the Shenfeng Shendan and the Legendary God Real Madrid Pill are so powerful is because of the world-defying pill pattern. Of course Chen Xiang wanted it, he quickly thanked him after he picked up the champions league. “If you need any pills, I’ll give them to you.” Chu Jinfeng said: “You have just stepped into the world-defying legend realm, and what you need must be pills that will help you at this stage. This requires legendary magic medicines and legends. Divine pill, I don’t have any medicinal materials yet, I need to wait for a while to plant it, and then I will give it to you together with the pill formula.” “Okay!” Chen Xiang got two kinds of world-defying pill patterns, and was anxious to learn , I will tell la liga to retreat first, go back to my room, and start learning Nairabet in it. Learning the Aoshi Pill Pattern is very easy for Shen Endorphina Xiang. The previous Transformation Realm Pill Pattern was relatively difficult, but he can easily master it. He has a very heaven-defying talent in learning the Aoshi Pill Pattern. “These two kinds of world-defying pill patterns are very peculiar!” Chen Xiang looked at the above introduction by himself. There are two world-defying pill patterns, one of which is called Megatron Pill Pattern, and the pills refined from this kind of pill pattern will have a very strong explosive power. Megatron

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