If Chen Xiang hadn’t met this Uncle Shi at 22Bet, his Endorphina would definitely think that the one outside was the heinous “Creator of Dao Evil”, but even so, the various sects of the Seven Mountains didn’t give him any good impression. When creating Dao Mountain, he first met a disciple of the Mushan Sect. At that time, he gave him a very bad impression, and even had conflicts with him. Later, when he came to Chuangdaoyan Mountain, people from the Mushan Sect still came to him. It’s troublesome, but Chuangdao Yanshan stood by and watched Hua Liqing’s intimidation by the Mushan faction in order to get Hua Liqing’s mastery of Liverpool’s large number of pills. Therefore, the Yan Slot Games mountain gate also left a bad impression on him. ∷, he met Yan Jiu before, and knew the dangers of the various sects in the Seven Mountains. At that time, he hated the various sects in the Seven Mountains very much. , They have devoured a lot of the power of the evil ancestors, they can be regarded as half of the evil ancestors. “Uncle Shi, now the Dao Creator Divine Master is outside, he must really want to come in, how can I help him come in?” Chen Xiang said. “There is a way, but it’s very troublesome. If you don’t have other important things, you can try it.” Uncle Shi thought for a while and said: “Actually, in this ancient land of creation, there is a mysterious passage , This is what was left by Roulette, the creator of the Tao.” “Chelsa, do you know about the seven ancestors of the Pragmatic play?” Chen Xiang Paripesa’s eyes lit up, and there was a mysterious passage leading to the outside. This island of God is now closed. Wake up, it’s easy to go out but difficult to come in, it would be great if he can come and go freely, he can go out to look for Long Xueyi and the others. “They don’t know, but suspect, because only that place is not clothed

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