Holy water No. 4 condenses the purest heavenly holy power, which is of the same nature as the power in Lorant. ≧, Marvin himself lacks range attack ability, but the line of fire gunner profession, Betting makes up for this affiliate point to a certain extent. This shotgun was played by Constantine when he was young, and the name is very vulgar, it is called a rose inlaid with gold, although there is indeed a rose on the gun. The sand tribe’s shotguns are very cheating. After firing one shot, they must cool down for three minutes before they can continue to be used in the premier league. Otherwise it will explode. This is one of the reasons why the heat weapons of the Sand people have not been popular. But for Marvin now, this shot is enough. Use the storm elves to attract the attention of the seven evil spirit knights, draw them into the attack range, and then finish it with one bullet. This feeling is simply not too cool! Outside the moss dungeon, the remaining evil spirit guards were furious. The huge gunshots obviously alarmed them, and they surrounded them from all directions, at least thousands of them! These evil spirits are basically the cannon fodder at the bottom of this world, and they have nothing but the power of filth and filth. But for other creatures, it is quite troublesome to get rid of these evil spirits. Marvin raised the scimitar high, and the online casino suddenly accelerated! Burning fire! The terrifying arcane flames raged across the field in an instant, and the temperature of the magic flames was not something these evil spirits could bear. Between Marvin and the moss dungeon, there was a rather open distance that had been boiled abruptly. A large number of evil spirits were burned clean, while the rest. was blocked from the Betking flame champions league. Marvin’s figure is like lightning

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