Shen pokerxiang also got a Dao-creating Holy Stone, which was a big gain. Now Xiao Xianglin has refined it into the Dao-creating mantra. If he encounters an enemy that is difficult to defeat, throwing one of these will explode very powerful A large amount of the Dao Creation Sacred Stone might save his life. “The Canghun Sect is not easy to get in, and the enchantment like rumble seems to be able to defend against space teleportation.” Chen Xiang said: “You have to use the space formation in the Mirror of Six Paths.” They used that NetEnt last time If the formation passes through the great barrier, no matter how strong the Canghun Sect’s formation is, it will definitely not be as strong as the 1xBet great barrier, but it will consume a lot of energy to open the space spell in the magic mirror of six paths. “Well, you can start when you are ready! I can handle the enchantment of Canghunzong by myself. You have already stepped into the pinnacle of the world-defying holy realm, so you should be able to afford it. You won’t enter like last time. I was exhausted after the Great Barrier Man City,” Xiao Xianglin said. After Chen Xiang had a good rest in the inn, he used his anti-power to become invisible, and quietly came outside the tall walls of the Canghun Sect. The entire Canghun Sect was surrounded by a huge wall tens of feet high, and it was difficult to see inside. Xiao Xianglin also came out of Youyao Villa after changing her appearance. She and Feng Keer came out together to investigate the barriers of Canghunzong. doorway. After Feng Ke’er and Xiao Xianglin checked the game carefully, they had a brief exchange to determine the strength of the barrier. “It’s confirmed that this barrier is not too strong. You can pass through Betway by using the space formation of the Divine Mirror of Six Paths alone. But for stability, you should add your power of time to synthesize the power of time and space.” Xiao Xianglin

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