Chen Xiang rarely sees a Black Tortoise, and it is a very strange Black Tortoise, now he has seen it, but it was frozen and sealed! What surprised him the most was that there was another teleportation array in the fire basalt beast! 1xBet has previous experience, so when Chen Xiang teleported to Leap, he was already prepared and guessed many possibilities, but he never thought that the teleportation array would actually appear in the body of a sealed giant beast . “This place is really cold, what is it that sealed the Fire Xuanwu Beast?” The cold wind was howling in the place where Chen Xiang was at this time, as if a strong snowstorm was brewing. “This is a super seal. It should not only seal the fire basalt beast, but seal this area. Everything inside is frozen.” Feng Ke’er said, “Leave this area quickly, If the next burst of sealing power breaks out, you might also be frozen.” Frightened, Chen Xiang hurriedly called out the dragon man city horse, and then rode on the dragon horse and flew away. “How big is this Slot Games place?” Chen Xiang flew for half an hour, and the snowstorm became more and more intense. Originally, he let Ryoma fly according to his wishes, but he found that Ryoma seemed to be familiar with this place, and then he let Ryoma fly by instinct. “I don’t know, I’ll look in the memory of the two dragon gods. Nairabet” Bai Youyou said Sportybet: “They should know something.” Bai Youyou soon had the result, and said: “Your place The place is called the Snow Sealed Land, and it is very vast… It is said that the Snow Sealed Land is a betway left over from Betting after the two formation masters competed here!” Two formation masters compete in the champions league? Chen Xiang’s heart

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