Zhou Zhiqin’s grandfather frowned and sighed, patted Chen Xiang on the shoulder, and said: “Young man, you have to hide well, you’d better leave the Aoshihun River, otherwise it will be dangerous if they find you.” “Why?” Chen Xiang From the dignified tone of this old man, it can be heard that his current situation is very dangerous. “There is a Dragon Palace in the place of Tao creation! I don’t know much about the specifics of this Dragon Palace, but I do know that once the Dragon Palace Online Casino learns that someone else has cultivated a world-defying beast that is a dragon, they will They will be dispatched immediately to find this rumble man and deprive him of his dragon.” The old man said: “As for whether they will come to the fifth floor of the World-Proud Soul River now, I don’t know, anyway, you’d better hide Arise.” The mysterious force of Sportybet from the land where BetWinner was created! That must mean that Man City is very powerful, and Chen Xiang has already come here, it is impossible for him to just go back like this. “I know, I will be more careful! You’d better change to another place, don’t be found by the head of Tianao Emperor Palace.” Chen Xiang said, he was just a little worried in his heart, but he felt that his concealment The ability is good, there should be nothing wrong. “By the way, senior, have you heard of Gu Tong and a person called Patriarch Sun?” Chen Xiang asked. Zhou Zhiqin’s grandfather and grandmother both shook their heads at Slot Games, they had never heard of it. “Chen Xiang, you’d better go back to the original place! The Yulong Palace that grandpa said must be very powerful.” la liga Zhou Zhiqin persuaded, the power from the land of creation, the strength need not be questioned. “Well, you don’t have to worry, I have already planned.” Chen Xiang nodded: “Let’s take my leave now, see you again by fate.

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