Other netizens are reading: article title author name Shen Xiang handed enough crystal emperors to Ye Lone Wolf, and then walked to the forbidden area. The forbidden area is a hill, and there is a cave on the hill. The inside of the cave is pitch black, and nothing can be seen inside. When Chen Xiang wanted to enter, he was blocked by a force two feet away from the Bet9ja hill Spinmatic. . When he came into contact with that force, Chen Xiang felt like his body was shocked by electricity, and his whole body was numb. “There is actually an enchantment here, and I didn’t even notice it.” Chen Xiang was very surprised. In the past, if he encountered an enchantment or something, he would definitely be able to discover it immediately. But this time, he didn’t notice it at all. Feng Ke’er has already practiced in closed doors to comprehend the Dao Creation Mantra, and Chen Xiang couldn’t let her come out immediately, so he could only try it by himself first. He used his best power of time and space. In the past, he used this kind of power to pass through various barriers very easily, but this time he failed. Although it failed, Chen Xiang saw a little hope, because when he used it, he clearly felt that Mozzart himself could open some invisible space cracks, but the space-time power he released at this time was not enough. He has a holy soul of space, but it is very immature. He can obtain a certain power of space through that holy soul of space, but the space itself is very strong here, and the barrier also has a formation that blocks the power of space. The pattern is difficult to break. “I don’t have enough strength!” Chen Xiang said to the woman in Youyao Villa: “Help me, and transfer most of your strength to my body. I’ll try to see if I can convert it into space power.

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