Fountain of Ageless Leap. A fetish unique to the League of Assassins. The number of Fountains of Youth that Bai people can get every year is quite small, and half of them will be provided to the Wizards Union. This thing has no other effect, only one: that is to prolong human life. A serving of the Fountain of Youth can prolong a person’s lifespan by about thirty years. If used in combination, the effect will drop sharply. Marvin sent Isabel to the League of Assassins, and he didn’t want to see if she was qualified to enter the high-level eyes of the League of Assassins, and then get a share of the Fountain of Youth. Liverpool It’s just that now, a fountain of youth is in front of Marvin. Marvin had no reason to refuse. This thing has always been a priceless treasure. Those wizards who are about to die are willing to spend all their wealth to buy a fountain of immortality. If it wasn’t for the strong strength of the Assassin Alliance itself, and their protection of the Fountain of Youth, I’m afraid the resources here have already been occupied by some powerful wizards. So even the experienced Marvin didn’t know where the Fountain of Youth was. All he knew was that in his previous life, there was a large-scale mission – the Withered Fountain of Youth. This task was also issued by the high priest of the Bai people. At that time, it affected the players in the entire Sage Desert of Parimatch, because the reward experience for the task was very high. It can be seen that the fountain of youth is likely to wither after the cataclysm. Now that there is a chance to get the fountain of youth, Marvin must try it. After taking over the Pragmatic play task, a branch task appeared in the task bar that had not been moved for a long time. Event Investigation: White Deer Hunting Livescore Task Description: There is a large-scale white deer hunting phenomenon in the eastern part of the Sage Desert. People from the League of Assassins

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