Peng Kunyao’s face was twitching, he really didn’t expect Chen Xiang to do this. “This… This is all a trick played by this little human, Chen Xiang, to lie to you!” Peng Kunyao said loudly, “Don’t you believe me even if you believe in a human being?” Patriarch Dapeng sneered, “It’s not that I don’t believe you , and Slot Games is full of nonsense from you! Those old poisonous pythons usually hide very deep and don’t show up easily. I’m sure this kid would never have gotten out if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes! What we saw just now are all He released it from his memory, so I believe it must be true.” Peng Kunyao was speechless, he had no way to quibble now, besides, the roulette was originally true, and now the evidence is solid. “You real madrids, go to the Online Casino and die!” Peng Kunyao roared, turning into a giant roc, but the moment he just transformed, the ancestor of the roc had already made a move. I don’t know what she did. Suddenly, a huge blue light group appeared. This huge light group fell from the sky, hitting Peng Kunyao right on the ground. After Peng Kunyao was hit by this huge blue light cluster, his huge body suddenly burned with blue flames. Everyone only heard Peng Kunyao screaming crazily in the champions league, fluttering his wings and flying in the air. Those patriarchs have already been captured by Peng Guquan and the others, and they will be punished very severely. The Patriarch Dapeng flew into the air, and the crutch in his hand flew out, piercing the man city into Peng Kunyao’s head, and Peng Kunyao immediately fell from the sky, his huge body still burning with blue raging fire. rumble “Go and put out the flames over there!” the ancestor of the rocs sighed, these rocs are all her

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