Just one step, flashscore quick start just one step, quickly get the autumn golden harvest summer fiery red summer winter winter whisper please use the shortcut navigation don’t have an account? Novel: Author: Update Time: 2015080922:2NetEnt0:41 Word Count: 5202 Chen Xiang was full of confidence before, thinking that he had already mastered the home of the Python Monster Race Champions League, but now that he learned the news, he was very depressed. If he wanted to find the new nest of the python monster clan, he could only ask the Dapeng clan, or catch another poisonous python monster. Poisonous pythons are not so easy to catch, they usually hide well, and rarely appear in crowded places. Bai Pengnv has already taken out some Myriad Dao Divine Soil and handed it to Chen Xiang. After Chen Xiang took it, he asked Bet9ja again: “Princess Peng Yao, can you tell me where the new den of the Python Monster Race is?” Obviously, Chen Xiang wanted to find the new bet of the Python Monster Race. The purpose of the game nest is to save Bai Pengnv’s father. “I can’t tell you, I have withdrawn the reward, and I don’t want more people to take risks in Sportybet.” Bai Pengnv shook her head: “Please forgive me.” Cheng Shaoren, the son of the city lord of Aosheng City, said coldly: “Hurry up!” Let’s go, Princess Pengyao’s attitude is obvious, this matter is over, and we will deal with the python monsters at Betway, so don’t try to be brave, you just covet Princess Pengyao.” “That’s right, Princess Pengyao has given up on her own, why are you so anxious, don’t you just have other thoughts about Princess Pengyao?” The young man next to Cheng Shaoren sneered. “Hmph, you want to eat swan meat, too?”

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