Chen Xiang didn’t know why, he couldn’t feel Nairabet’s feelings for the Scarlet Fire Dragon, and Feng Ke’er, who was with him all the time, couldn’t feel it, otherwise he would have told him long ago. Qin Shuang may have sensed it before, but he was not sure, so he only said it now. “Could it be that Grandma Long told me before because she saw something wrong with baccarat my Red Fire Dragon?” Chen Xiang thought to himself, and continued to control the Red Fire Dragon to devour those world-defying mad souls. There are many world-defying mad souls in the sky, and no matter how the red fire dragon devours them, these world-defying mad souls cannot be reduced. “Have a full meal.” Chen Xiang looked at Long Xueyi, and said with a smile: “Do you want to go up for a stroll too?” Long Xueyi originally thought about it, but then shook her head: “The Proud Soul Holy Pill is still delicious “The Proud Soul Sacred Pill is also refined by the World-Defying Crazy Soul, and it tastes better when eaten, but if you directly eat these World-Proud and Crazy Souls, you still need to refine it. The refining process is very long, so Long Xueyi finally Decided not to eat. As the sky gradually darkened, Chen Xiang let the Red Fire God BGaming Dragon return to the Shenhai World. After returning, he turned the Red Fire God Dragon into the original six beasts, and then the six beasts began to refine the large number of arrogance that swallowed Endorphina today. soul. “Let’s go back to Beking underground, it’s getting dark now,” Qin Shuang said. After returning to the 1xBet secret room underground at Spinmatic, Betting Chen Xiang took out the six Paripesa magic mirrors and released a few world-defying mad souls caught during the day. After dark, the world-defying mad soul finally reacted again, began to generate devouring power, and floated towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was standing on the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, he hurriedly controlled the Divine Mirror of Six Paths, and let the Divine Mirror of Six Paths release a shield.

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