Chen Xiang was very curious about this place, Long Zhiyu was able to come here, it must not be chelsa’s luck. “Grandma Long, how did you discover this place? You seem to be able to control the enchantment here.” Chen Xiang asked, although Long Zhiyu is a world-defying holy dragon, she was not conceived naturally, but cultivated by people came out, but her master was dead. “Pragmatic play My master used to come here before. This place was transformed by him and the ancestor of the sun. Now the ancestor of the sun is missing. I originally came here, but I just wanted to see if he is here.” Long Zhiyu said To Chen Xiang’s surprise, this place was actually built by Patriarch Sun! “Then did you find anything else here?” Chen Xiang looked around: “For example, some treasures or something?” Long Zhiyu shook his head in the Evolution game: “There are no treasures, but I found a little girl here! On the Nairabet road, I was hunted down by those eight old guys, so I almost couldn’t come here. Fortunately, a little girl suddenly appeared and dragged me in. It’s strange that she actually knows how to control the Mozzartbet world here.” What kind of girl is affiliate? She is so powerful, what about her?” Chen Xiang asked. “Hey, she was seriously injured in order to save me. Now she is healing in Surebet247’s room. The injury is quite serious. I don’t know if you have any medicine to help her heal.” Long Zhiyu sighed, The little girl just rescued her suddenly, and she didn’t have time to talk to the little girl, so the little girl went to heal her injuries, so she could only watch outside. “Healing and so on, I’m the best at it, take me to see a little girl.” Chen Xiang said seriously. “You kid, don’t worry about it when the time comes.

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