The Silent Thief Ancient Fire God Sect itself is very mysterious, and it mysteriously disappeared back then. Even if such a powerful sect is destroyed, there will definitely be many good things left behind, that’s why the Crazy Saber Clan and the Soul River God Clan came here Yes. After Chen Xiang and Qin Shuang’s Ancient Fire God Sect came here, they were very worried that the Ancient Fire God Sect would be found by the Crazy Saber Clan and the Soul River God Clan. They felt that the Ancient Fire God Sect might have been wiped out, leaving only ruins here. Even if the Ancient Fire God Sect is in ruins, there must be many precious treasures hidden. If they are occupied by the Soul River God Clan and the Crazy Saber Clan, they will become stronger. The world-defying holy dragon is still in that place, and he doesn’t think about Leap running around, just watching the changes of its affiliates, waiting for the actions of the mad knife clan and the soul river god clan, to see if they will look for them in the sea of ​​blood and fire. “Senior Holy Dragon, are you from the Ancient Fire God Sect?” After Chen Xiang saw the Aoshi Shenglong, he quickly sent a voice transmission to the Aoshi Shenglong. After hearing this, the Aoshi Shenglong asked in surprise, of course I know [No] [Wrong] Novel, you belong to the real madrid sect of the ancient fire god? The ancient Vulcan sect Paripesa disappeared a long time ago, and it has not been circulated since then. There are very few people who have the ancient Vulcan sect. “And my master is a disciple of the Ancient Fire God Sect!” “The master of the Aoshi Shenglong is actually a disciple of the Ancient Fire God Sect! Chen Xiang told the Aoshi Shenglong what he overheard from the Blood Wind Island, which surprised the Aoshi Shenglong.” Vulcan Sect, and I have been with my master for a long time, and I rarely hear him mention the ancient Vulcan Sect. I don’t know much about BGaming Ancient Vulcan Sect. Slot Games only heard about the ancient Vulcan Sect later.

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