Chen Xiang Leap, the silent thief, did not expect that most of the medicinal power would be absorbed by the Nairabet Aoshi BGaming beast, because he had never had such a situation before. Now that he heard Qin Shuang say this, he became suspicious, and he hurried to investigate The six world-defying beasts in the world of Shenhai. After investigation, he did indeed have a large amount of unique energy of Myriad Dao God Earth Pill in those beasts. Although they had already been refined, Chen Xiang could still distinguish the remaining aura. . “It really is these guys… But why didn’t they absorb it before?” Chen Xiang felt a little strange, when he was practicing before, none of these world-defying beasts could absorb his medicinal power. Feng Ke’er said that it might be that they were very strong before and felt that they didn’t need to improve for the time being, but now that they came to this place, they felt that their strength was not strong enough, so they started to strengthen themselves… Anyway, they are all part of you, yes your strength. Paripesa” “Also, if the world-defying beast is strong, it is equivalent to increasing part of my strength, which is a good thing for me ~ no ~ wrong ~ novel.ureal “Chen Xiang just needs to consume more to cultivate now. He has no shortage of Myriad Tao God Earth Pills, because there are two girls, Jiang Sili and Jiang Sihua, who are affiliated with the Pill Spirits to condense pills for him. Qin Shuang wandered around the island After walking around, the NetEnt Aoshi Shenglong was sleeping in a deep sleep, sleeping very hard, even if there was a lot of movement, he couldn’t wake him up, and Chen Xiang continued to eat the Myriad Dao God Soil Pill for cultivation, he could only condense his body if he made his body stronger. A world-defying mad soul. Right now, only Qin Shuang is very free with Spinmatic, because she has reached a bottleneck now, and she doesn’t need to be able to break through, and Chen Xiang is seriously cultivating, so she can’t play Pragmatic play either.

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