In the text, many people think that it is an arrogant behavior for Shen Xiang not to use the Ziyang Excalibur, in order to show his current strength and make people think that he can win this competition without using the Ziyang Excalibur. In fact, it’s not professional. The main reason why Chen Xiang didn’t use Ziyang Forebet Excalibur was that he was not confident enough, because he was worried that Ziyang Excalibur would not be enough for him to defeat Qin Shuang. Qin Shuang’s strength was very strong, although only ten Sword, but for Chen Xiang, he is still under a lot of pressure. “I must not lose. If I lose, I will give her the Ziyang Excalibur.” Chen Xiang is reluctant to part with the Ziyang Excalibur. Although his Nine Heavens Excalibur is better than the Ziyang Excalibur, the Ziyang Excalibur has A special meaning exists in the Evolution game, and it is also very beautiful, and it can also allow him to enter the Ziyang Temple. You know, the Ziyang Temple is very big, and he hasn’t had time to explore it yet. If it weren’t for the baccarat thief king and his group inside, he might stay in it for a while. Qin Shuang didn’t say much to Chen Xiang at this time, otherwise Chen Xiang would only irritate her. If she was fighting an evenly matched opponent, it would be very disadvantageous for Man City to be irritated by the opponent, but she felt that it would be very disadvantageous for her to compete with Chen Xiang. If he was irritated, it was just Chen Xiang’s bad luck. “Let’s start now. I will poker the sword first, and I will remind you when I use the sword.” Qin Shuang said, she also suddenly felt that she had an advantage at this time, so she didn’t want to take too much advantage of Chen Xiang. “Okay!” Chen Xiang held the Nine⊥Xiao Divine Sword, stepped back a few steps, and waited for Qin Shuang to attack. At this time, Bai Xuelan suddenly sent a voice transmission to Chen Xiang. “Qin Shuang’s power is mainly based on the freezing attribute.

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