Text Lan Tian Poison King and bet game Lan Lei and the others ate a lot of food and wine, but they were still not satisfied, and they kept getting people to serve food. Seeing this, Chen Xiang had a plan in his heart, and he, who was hiding outside the window, Use the power of space to move a few sky-cheating mice into this hotel, and suddenly let the sky-cheating mice become mousemen, and come to the floor where the Blue Sky Poison King and the others are. ≤Top≤Point≤Small≤Say, x. After a few mousemen came to this floor, they immediately started to fight la liga. They fought in the hotel and made a huge movement in the livescore of Parimatch. Blue Sky Poison King and the others The champions league box where he was located was also affected. “What’s going on, let’s go out and have a look!” Lan Lei and the others had already stood up, and Lan Lei also turned his head to look outside the noisy betting door. Just when their attention was shifted to the door, Chen Xiang took out the bone poison blood that he had collected before, and dripped a lot of it into the wine and vegetables. Among them, the live betting of their wine glasses was dripped with the most poisonous blood by Chen Xiang! The rat man outside has also been taken down by the people inside the hotel and thrown outside the hotel. Chen Xiang took the rat man back. Although he suffered a little injury, he will recover soon. Lantian Poison King and the others started eating and drinking again, unaware that they had already been poisoned. “This Lantian Poison King’s level is not very good. He doesn’t know that there is no poison in his wine glass, but he just doesn’t know if he can resist the poison.” Chen Xiang saw the Lantian Poison King holding up the wine glass and drinking directly. aware. In Chen Xiang’s cognition, people who use poison can generally resist poison, and they are also very sensitive to poison, but the blue sky poison king is not, he thought before that

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