After the silent thief Chen Xiang successfully produced a piece of crystal emperor, he was relieved a lot. This proved that he could do it. It was only a matter of refining the other eight pieces of crystal emperor. Can restore the ancient sun altar. Then, he can safely return to the Divine Desolation, and then refine more Crystal Emperors, and ask Chen Cai to help him refine the divine weapon. Although Chen Xiang has spent decades in the triple realm, there is still not a single day outside. Meimei controlled the Tianshu to help them get the Myriad Dao God’s Earth Crystal, and Chen Xiang asked them to get more 22Bets, anyway, there are so many Myriad Dao God’s Earth Crystals here. Song Yichen followed them, he wanted to protect the beautiful scenery, although this Liverpool is safe enough at this time. A few days later, Song Yichen saw that Chen Xiang hadn’t come to him yet, so he couldn’t help feeling a little worried. He was worried that Chen Xiang would not be able to succeed, and if the Sun God Altar could not be restored by then, maybe people from the Tiangu God Clan would come in here. Can break through the enchantment of the Sun God Forest. [No_Error] Novel wW.uleu.m Song Yichen was thinking about this when he suddenly heard a scream from Betking. The screams came from outside the Sun God Forest, Song Yichen hurriedly looked, and then said to Meijing, don’t worry, just hide first, I’ll go and go. Pragmatic play Song Yichen left in a hurry and came to the outside of the sun premier league god forest. At this time, he was still inside the enchantment, and he could see a group of people in the distance. “Heavenly affiliate ancient gods!” “Song Yichen was surprised that there were a lot of people. They came here to do it? Do you want to enter here now?” He guessed before that the Tiangu Gods could not come so fast. They ran away, must have used formations, or

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