The silent thief Song Yichen took Chen Xiang away from this lake and came to a mountain forest. The environment here is also very good, and BetWinner Chen Xiang is very satisfied. “It seems to be quite big inside.” Chen Xiang He flew with Song Yichen for most of the day just now, but he didn’t see the boundary of this sealed land. “It’s very big, and it occupies a large part of the Tiangu Taijie.” Song Yichen sighed and said, “It’s a pity that NetEnt has been sealed. Those guys spent a lot of money in order to get the Myriad Dao Divine Land.” , and now they are ready to start reaping the fruits. “Their clans were not only sealed inside, but also turned into ancient beasts. Only a few of them could retain their memories after becoming ancient beasts. Other weak ones had already turned into wild beasts. The memory and soul have all been erased.” Don’t worry, you will be able to take revenge. “Chen Xiang patted Song Yichen’s shoulder. A group of people encountered such a huge change. If it was a Spinmatic natural disaster, it would be fine. Myriad Dao Divine Land persecuted them like this.” I will continue to retreat and practice. “Chen Xiang had already heard the beautiful scenery calling him just now, because there was movement in the mad power pill spirit, let him go and have a look quickly.” Good! “Song Yichen hurriedly opened a tree hole for Chen Xiang, and let Chen Xiang enter the tree hole to practice quietly. Chen Xiang came to the tree hole, and hurriedly took out the mad power pill. After a careful look, the mad power pill There was already a crack. Although the fetus inside was very small, it was full of aura. It had opened its small eyes, stared at Chen Xiang, and babbled inside.

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