Uncategorized Bet9ja Chen Xiang has been refining for such a long time, he still doesn’t know how long it will take to succeed, he even thinks that the Slot Games is impossible to succeed. “Okay, let’s continue!” Chen Xiang rested for a while, It started again all of a sudden. Fortunately, sister Meimei could continuously send him and Feng Keer the power of regeneration, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to reach this point. Although they don’t know if they can succeed in the Evolution game, neither Chen Xiang nor Feng Ke’er gave up. After all, they have persisted in the Premier League. If they give up, their previous hard work will be in vain. “It will definitely succeed. Even if you can’t refine the pill spirit, you can still get a high-quality mad power pill. After you eat it, you will be able to step into the world-defying madness. This is not a waste of work.” Feng Ke’er said forebet, she said this to encourage Chen Xiang, to prevent Chen Xiang from having a negative poker attitude. If Chen Xiang gave up, it would definitely hit Feng Ke’er, she put so much effort into it. Next, Chen Xiang and Feng Ke’er continued to work together to refine the Kuangli Pill. Chen Xiang’s derivation method can be used more proficiently at this time, after all, he has performed dozens of rounds in a row with the same medicinal material, and there will be more rounds in the future. Soon, the two months outside have passed, and Shen Betting Xiang is equivalent to almost sixty months in the time domain. He had already forgotten about the Tiandan Conference, and even if he remembered, he didn’t have time to go. But now he stopped, mainly because he couldn’t derive the ball of medicine crystals in the alchemy furnace! “What’s going on, it can’t be derived.” Chen Xiang said in surprise, he tried for several hours, but there was no movement at all. “Already a hundred

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