The latest chapter list is shared: Chen Xiang’s relationship with the world of heaven is getting closer and closer at this time, and he doesn’t know what’s going on. If it was before, he would not be able to make such a big change to the world of heaven. “Could it be because I’m getting stronger? So I can initially control the world of heaven?” Chen Xiang thinks so, now he can directly sense the space of the world of heaven, and he can also release his power to go enhanced. After reconfirming the space of the Heavenly Dao World, he was very satisfied: “For the time being, let’s do this for the time being. After I get rid of the ancient gods in Betting, I will use the world-defying madness beads in their bodies to strengthen the space.” If it wasn’t for the reason If he uses that Ao Shi Kuang 22Bet Source La Liga Pearl, the space of the Heavenly Dao World will not be strengthened so fast. As long as the space of the Heavenly Dao World is not torn apart as easily as before, people from other worlds will not be able to go to the Heavenly Dao World so easily, and only he can enter and exit freely. “Let’s see where those guys are first.” Chen Xiang closed his eyes to sense the power fluctuations in the Heavenly Dao World, and not long after, he found that there were fewer ancient beasts in it. “Could it be that they killed a lot, so it decreased?” Chen Xiang guessed, and he soon discovered a few auras that appeared in it. “They are fighting!” Chen Xiang had already seen three people from the ancient god clan fighting with an ancient ancient beast. What made him feel strange was that the ancient ancient beast was very small! The real madrid Tiangutai beasts he had seen before were all as huge as mountains, but now they are fighting with the Tiangu protoss and they are only a little taller than normal people in the casino slot. Compared with other Tiangutai beasts

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