The silent thief Chen Xiang completed a round of cultivation independently this time, Ji Xingyuan brought him here before, and now he can come. Slot Games Ji Xingyuan had already gone to that cave to investigate to see if there were fewer people there. Chen Xiang asked him a few times, and he was also impatient with Chen Xiang, so he planned to take Chen Xiang there quickly. After Chen Xiang practiced for a round, he didn’t see Ji Xingyuan, and he didn’t need to be able to contact him. In desperation, he could only go to the dark area to hunt down dark beasts. He is here this time, he already has a lot of stones of that kind in Liverpool, he got a lot of dark Endorphina beast blood from killing that giant bear before, after soaking many ordinary stones with dark beast blood, he can Turn stones into emerald stones. “Very good, you can control a hundred grains!” After Chen Xiang went through a long round of practice, his Wudao cultivation base has also improved a lot. Controlling this kind of stone requires a certain Wudao cultivation base. At this time, he can control it. So many Li, it proves that he has improved a lot. He controls these stones to explore *no*wrong*little* said ww. quld dark area, which allows him to find dark beasts in the Evolution game. He dared not go into the depths alone, and could only wander outside. The dark beasts outside are not that big. As long as they are small dark beasts, they will not be very strong. He can easily deal with Spinmatic. A few days after he came in, he hunted down several wild boars. “It’s all big wild boars, it’s almost done, eat them.” Chen Xiang left the dark area, and soon returned to Ji Xingyuan’s small house by the river. Ji Xingyuan still didn’t have any, so he could only slaughter the wild boar and roast it, and then practiced again. In more than ten days, he completed another round of practice, and the improvement he could feel was very obvious.

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