Before the second volume of cataclysm betting Before the second volume of catastrophe, you kill the target creature (adult red dragon), gain 8000 points of killing experience double the dragon experience, you actually get 16000 points of killing experience Paripesa, you get the title – dragon slayer World fame (Dragon Slayer) 1, five-color dragon hate rumble 1, red dragon hate 3 On the data panel, a large number of records flashed. The benefits of Surebet247 killing the red dragon are still obvious. The first is to get the special title of Dragon Slayer BetWinner. Dragon Slayer Mozzartbettor: Effect 1: Your strength is awe-inspiring, Majesty 50 Effect 2: Dragon Might Resistance 10 These two attributes are just effects on the surface. Marvin knows that after having the title of Dragon Slayer There are definitely more benefits to walking in the human kingdom. For example, if he had the title of Dragon Slayer when he issued the Wilderness Exploitation Order, the number of people who would come here would probably increase by three or four times. After killing the dragon, Marvin not only gained the title of Dragon Slayer. And for the first time, it has won the world’s most famous Pragmatic play. Legend has it that the death of each giant dragon will automatically send a warning to its own kind. When Marvin and Ibrahimovic teamed up to kill the red dragon, they would have a trace of red dragon’s resentment. This kind of resentment can be discerned by the red dragon and even the five-color dragons. Legendary creatures about dragon slayers will also flow out of their mouths, and eventually flow into the human world. Of course, after killing this dragon, the Red Dragon Clan may not have a good impression of Ma Wen. Five-color dragons will also be hostile. As for the metal dragon who is born to be the opponent of the five-color dragon, it will increase his favor for Marvin because of it-such as red copper dragon, bronze dragon and the like. Of course, the most important thing about forebet dragon slaying,

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