The latest chapter list is shared: Murong Tianqing and Murong Honglian both know this World-Proud Qianyuan Pill, especially Murong Honglian, who is staring at the World-Proud Qianyuan Pill in Chen Xiang’s palm in a daze. “I don’t understand, because it’s very difficult to refine. I used to have medicinal materials, but I failed after trying.” Murong Tianqing saw that Chen Xiang could refine the world-defying Qianyuan pill, and he was pleasantly surprised and also full of Paripesa hope, because Chen Xiang could make alchemy for him, and he could recover. This is something that has troubled him for many years. He has medicinal materials, but he can’t refine them himself, and no one helps him refine them, which has caused him to procrastinate until now. “This is medicinal material!” Murong Tianqing quickly took out a green jade box, handed it to Murong Honglian, and asked Murong Honglian to hand it over to Chen Xiang. After Shen real madrid Xiang opened it, a gust of cold air gushed out from inside, these medicinal materials were frozen, Pragmatic play this is to keep fresh, the box is also specially refined. “Is the medicinal material still fresh?” Murong Tianqing asked. “It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Chen Xiang looked at it, nodded and said, “Are these the medicinal materials?” There are only two kinds of medicinal materials in the box, and they are two pieces of bamboo, one golden and one red, only as small as a baccarat finger. . “Yes, this is called Golden Man City Red Mysterious Bamboo. This kind of bamboo has a section of red and a section of gold. It grows for a hundred thousand years, and the two sections are all processed by me.” Murong Leap Tianqing said: “You can just refine it directly. You can refine such a difficult pill like Aoshi Qianyuan Pill. You should be able to refine this kind of pill now.” “What kind of pill is this?” Chen Xiang asked, He is also very interested in the strange Dan. “The Ao Mai Divine Pill is mainly used to repair severely damaged Dao meridians.

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