Uncategorized Chen Xiang didn’t know what an ancient orc was, but Feng Ke’er had a faint sense of fear towards this kind of orc. Chen Xiang could feel it, but Feng Ke’er rarely showed this fear of. “Have you seen this kind of ancient beast Endorphina before?”. Chen Xiang asked. “I’ve seen… on top of Wan Dao, this kind of thing is the natural enemy of human beings.” Feng Ke’er said in a deep voice: “You must be careful, although the ancient orcs here are not very strong, they are not weak either. , as far as your current strength is concerned, it is still difficult for 22Bet to pay them. “real madrid” “There are things above Wandao!” Chen Xiang was startled: “Could it be that they are from above Wandao?” Come down?” If Forebet came down from above, then the strength must be terrible. “No!” Feng Ke’er shook her head: “If you really came down from above, you wouldn’t be able to escape the man city just now. The ancient orcs above Wan Dao are very strong.” “I don’t know very well either. On top of Wan Dao, this kind of thing was conceived by a mysterious force. It was born with a human body, but it has a strong animal heart. This animal heart makes him very powerful, like a world-defying It’s as terrifying as a divine beast.” Feng Ke’er said, “There were several strong human beings in partnership with Surebet247 who once captured one, and then let the beast’s heart run away, and in the end, the beast’s heart regenerated into a powerful beast in a short period of time. Human body, and then go back to find those humans, and kill them.” “It’s so scary, can I stay here?” Chen Xiang was taken aback. “It should be possible, they are not the terrifying ones above Myriad Ways, it seems that you have to practice flashscore as soon as possible to get the world-defying divine body.”

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