Chen Xiang, the lonely thief, can of course find their location. He can quickly lock Tang Zhongjie’s location using the Six Paths of Time and Space in the Six Paths Mirror. Tang Zhongjie is also with them in the Evolution game at this time. After Chen Xiang teleported, he came to a stone house where Luo Tianjun, Tang Zhongjie and Fang Haoyun were all present. “Where’s the Dragon Ancestor Champions League?” Just as Chen Xiang asked, he saw Luo Tianjun’s eyes flash with sadness, and then his face was full of anger. “Here!” Luo Tianjun sighed and took out a bead. Chen Xiang looked at the shining golden beads, and immediately understood that this was the soul of Aoshi Longzu, and Aoshi Longzu had such an experience! “Who did it?” Chen Xiang immediately thought of Myriad Daos Divine Mountain. Before Luo Tianjun and the others stayed in Myriad Daos Mountain, they planned to use the resources of Myriad Daos Betking to cultivate at that time, but now I didn’t expect it to become like this. “Is it the sacred mountain of Wandao Nairabet?” Chen Xiang asked Msports. “It’s a proud (no-wrong) novel w.quu. Shitianmen… Wandao Shenshan intends to force us to join, but we refuse, so they let us leave bet game! But we just left flashscore Wandao It didn’t take long for Shenshan to be followed by the Aoshi Tianmen.” Luo Tianjun clenched his fists, and the muscles on his face twitched from the extreme anger he was enduring. It turned out to be Aoshi Tianmen who did it, but Chen Xiang felt that it must be Wan Dao Shenshan who betrayed their whereabouts, borrowed a knife to kill people, and let Aoshi Tianmen sneak attack Luo Tianjun and the others! “Wan Dao Shenshan, these guys are really vicious!” Chen Xiang took a deep breath, and this is also my fault. If I hadn’t caused such a heavy loss to them, maybe Long Zu wouldn’t be implicated.

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