Endorphina’s popular, Sun Lingxing’s previous life Slot Games died here. Her Spinmatic body has decayed and turned into energy and stored in the jade coffin, so the jade coffin is very important to her, that is the power of her previous life. Now, Sun Lingxing has integrated the power in the jade coffin, and her strength has been greatly improved. Chen Xiang felt that his Shenhai world was under great pressure, and it was all because of Sun Lingxing. “What’s going on now?” Chen Xiang asked Sun Lingxing in Youyao Villa.” “I already have the power I had back then, I’m just a beginner in the Aoshi Saint Physique, but it shouldn’t be a problem to deal with the Aoshi Dragon Demon. “Sun Lingxing said. “It’s surprising that these forces can be integrated so quickly, and the physical body can be elevated to the world-defying holy body. “Shen Xiang Evolution game exclaimed, this is much faster than him taking pills.” After all, this flashscore is the power of my previous life, and I have already cultivated my physical body well before. If it wasn’t for entering here, I would If you practice outside, you should be able to cultivate the World-Defying Saint Physique. “Sun Lingxing said Bet9ja with a smile. “Well, then I will leave the poker world-defying mausoleum now, and I may have to fight those guys at that time.” “Said Chen Xiang, he was ready. “Okay!” “Sun real madrid Lingxing already has a wealth of combat experience, and her current cultivation base has returned to that of her previous life, which makes her stronger. She also wants to go out quickly and find those guys from the selfless gods Revenge, when she was in La Liga, the person who had the best relationship with her was killed by the Forgotten Gods, and she always remembered this hatred. “Ling Xing, you don’t have the cultivation base of the world-defying God Body, but why are you executed? ?

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