Share this site by book title and author: Directory style setting directory Recommended reading: Tips: The reading records on the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register ‘Fu, it’s convenient for them to make quick contact. Sun Lingxing is also very curious about this kind of thing. It’s the first time she knows that this kind of thing exists. Chen Xiang didn’t tell Sun Lingxing that she might be trapped in the Mausoleum of the World-Proud God Betway in her previous life. Inside, after all, this rumble has not been confirmed yet, but what is certain is that Sun Lingxing must have a very close relationship with the Aoshi Shenling, otherwise she would not have heard the voice coming from the Aoshi Shenling, and was also heard by the elders of the self-forgetful God Clan. Access to the World-Proud Tomb is restricted. . For more latest chapters visit: . There are quite a few dragon demons who came to the Proud World Mausoleum. Just as Chen Xiang came up from the underground palace, he encountered a few dragon demons flying in it. The purpose of their evolution game here should be to recruit troops. 1xBet Chen Xiang searched for the memory of a dragon demon in Liverpool before, and learned that there are not many good players among this group of dragon demons, and if they enter the World-Defying God’s Tomb, their cultivation base will drop a lot, it seems that the World-Defying God’s Tomb will weaken their strength Strength, this made Chen Xiang very happy. If the Tomb of the World-Proud God is opened, the strength of these dragon demons will be greatly reduced when they enter the Tomb of the World-Proud God, and it will be easier for him to do it. The dragon demons are also worried about this danger, so after they came to this forest, they began to look for more powerful humans Slot Games, gave these humans a dao crystal, and asked these humans to sign a BGaming contract, and then betting to enter the world. When they are in the mausoleum, they must protect them with all their strength. Friends of Tang Zhongjie before

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